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The Noah Bird (NBP001)
Christian Fiction
The story is a mixture of fact and fiction. The book begins where Lucius Aelius Sejanus is on a visit to Tiberias during the town’s 10th-anniversary festivities. He actually has ulterior motives and uses the visit as a show of power. The history books tell us that Emperor Tiberius was sick and had withdrawn from the public eye. Sejanus stands in for him and he goes to the island of Capri to settle. Sejanus uses the absence of the emperor for his own ambition, namely to become the next emperor. During his visit to Isreal his ambition and power games put events into place which will have far-reaching consequences.

A love story between two unlikely characters develops: Abigail, an Israelite who, as a result of her circumstances, has to turn to prostitution, and Claudius Ianuarius Celsus, a Roman captain in charge of Herodus Antipas’s personal army of 80 soldiers. He is stationed in Galilee and becomes a regular client of Abigail. They fall in love but cannot do anything about it. Then she disappears.
The book deals with Claudius’s search for Abigail and his inner shame that he had taken her so for granted in his life. A habit? Easy? Just to use at will?

Abigail struggles with her past and the decisions she has had to make which, according to her own opinion, are unforgivable.
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Afrikaans, English
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Print, Electronic
R 250.00